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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sydney QVB perspective

It's hard to believe that Sydney almost lost the QVB to developers some time ago, or so the rumour goes. Just look at the architecture. Shot on Ricoh GR and processed in Snapseed on iPad. I balanced the camera on a sign to get a longer exposure and clearer shot. When you use small cameras the improvisation of these props is very useful.

Hyde park barracks with a little HDR in B&W

Hyde park barracks Sydney with a little HDR affect in post processing on Snapseed. Shot with Ricoh GR during full sunlit day. Nice to appreciate the finer buildings of the past and the detail and time they took to create. I think we lost something along the way.

Cafe life in Sydney

Some candid everyday shots of coffee time in Sydney at a very popular cafe, shot with Ricoh GR in B&W mode, processed in Snapseed on iPad. I had the camera perched flat on a bench running on continuous mode using snap focus at about 1.5m from memory.